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Posted in Table Dresser | by penulis, on January 5, 2018

Pretty Antique Vanity Dresser Table

You can choose between built-in vanities or furniture-independent pieces. You may want a dressing table in a bathroom or as part of your bedroom furniture. Find corners in your bedroom where you can fit a small dressing table. Place the antique vanity dresser next to an electrical outlet for maximum perf...

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Posted in Table Dresser | by penulis, on December 28, 2017

Perfect 10 Drawer Dresser For Any Space

The dresser was basically a large piece of furniture with drawers, shelves and cabinets to store everyday things in the houses. The reality is that this 10 drawer dresser storage has many meanings and several places in the home where it can be located. Then, it is common to use it to store crockery, tabl...

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